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The new WizePanel server version is here, now with multi-client capability!

WizePanel server and studio are now multi-user and also multi-tenant capable. So several people can connect to the server at the same time and each user will see only the things that are enabled for him. Download the latest version here.


Digital room signs, radio and WIFI door signs



Office buildings

Operating WizePanel from your mobile phone

WizePanel - how it works

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Book appointments with Outlook


Reduce costs, optimize space utilization

The cost of underutilized space in your organization can be higher than expected and professionals are frequently surprised to learn that occupancy rates of conference rooms, meeting rooms, and lecture halls often falls below 30%.

Room allocation is often cumbersome and prone to error and for many organizations double-bookings and no-shows are everyday headaches. Paper inserters are slow, prone to error, and unable to keep up with last-minute changes.

Equipping rooms with real-time information via WizePanel wireless digital door display technology is an inexpensive, instantaneous, and completely maintenance-free solution costing pennies per day.

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WizePanel creates new opportunities

Real-time updates directed to the specific location is a win-win. More options available through constantly updated QR tags include:

  • Direct room booking available to authorized users
  • Lecture details, literature recommendations and required documents
  • Appointments
  • Attendance certificates
  • Orientation in the building / campus
  • Transport timetable Information
  • Special downloads
  • Each via app or link to your website

The WizePanel digital sign serves as an interactive information interface without requiring installing expensive, high-maintenance touch PCs while also eliminating time-consuming user input.

Everything goes

WizePanel works autonomously without any manual intervention. Usage is streamlined, errors are diminished, and stakeholders are happy.

Flexible with a wide range of applications: Outlook, Excel, in-house scheduling, Google Calendar, Campus Information System

Everything goes: a wide range of standard interfaces connect you to the WizePanel Studio and if your system is not included, a reliable customized adapter will be promptly created for your needs.


Nowadays, new technology wants to be looked after, maintained, loaded and managed.

Good news - WizePanel is durable, maintenance-free and generates no heat. No expensive cabling, minimal oversight, and thanks to a sophisticated energy management system, users can count on extremely extended battery life.

Rated at 20 years, WizePanel’s standard Lithium AA cells are sold everywhere.

Battery life test


a subject for you?

As organizations increasingly raise standards of accessibility,

WizePanel can provide braille, haptic letters and custom reading functions to facilitate orientation for the blind and visually impaired.

Individual design - according to your wishes


Use of space

Improving the utilization of rooms improves user experience.

WizePanel promises better information, streamlined booking, greater efficiency, and an end to errors and double-booking.

If you book rooms and find yourself in the room with your name and event, you will no longer occupy any extra rooms. The situation of "not being able to get a room" due to blocked but empty rooms becomes suddenly a thing of the past. How much frustration and wasted staff time in some organizations can be attributed to this alone!

Visibility principle, responsibility principle



An environmentally-friendly solution: WizePanel Ultra-Low-Power technology is orders of magnitude more effective and economical than LCD.

Sustainability that also benefits the environment.



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Low-power radio data transmission - simple installation without any construction work.

Cost-effective and fast for existing and new buildings. The special radio technology enables extremely long battery life of up to 20 years and thus a practically maintenance-free, particularly cost-effective operation of the digital room signs.

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