Completely wireless

Latest ultra low power technology makes it possible – electronic signs completely wireless!

Wireless radio signs can be used at places that would not be accessible otherwise:

  • historical buildings
  • stone-built walls
  • panelings
  • glass walls
  • movable walls
  • single workplaces
  • removed signs
  • signs on mobile pedestals
  • Completely wireless

    Long-time battery operation

    The special display and radio technology enables the system to remain operational for up to 10 years and longer without changing the batteries.

    This is another cost saver compared to net powered systems, where the power costs alone exceed the acquisition costs.

    Long service intervals ensure:

  • low labor costs
  • constantly monitored radio and battery status
  • high uptime
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    Long-time battery operation

    Use everywhere

    Electronic signs improve organization and processes in many industries. At meeting rooms they show the current event and possible changes.

  • in hospitals
  • in retirement homes
  • at room occupancy in rehab centers
  • at doctors in charge
  • for further information about daily schedule
  • at and special messages

  • At office doors communiction possibilities for modern companies present themselves that are not even used today. back to the top

    Use everywhere

    Individual design

    The sign as part of the building has to blend in with its color and shape.

  • it has to inform
  • not distract
  • natural component of orientation
  • Information can be perceived

  • This is ensured by various mounting and chassis options as well as individual, personalizable front panels. Areas for imprint of room numbers, logos and other static information enlarge the effecitve area. back to the top

    Individual design

    Reduce costs

    The highest cost factor in most companies are the labor costs and the costs for building management.

    Even smallest improvements in these areas:

  • saved times and ways
  • less errors
  • clearer information
  • better processes
  • higher occupancy rate

  • Quickly save a multiple of what such a system demands in investment and maintenance.

    More and more modern companies tighten their cost structure and look for modern solutions helping with that. back to the top

    Reduce costs

    Provide targeted information

    The electronic sign improves the flow of information like no other electronic media today.

    The electronic sign informs targeted :

  • the right person
  • at the right time
  • at the right place
  • with exact information

  • An informational sign gets our full attention when we approach a room that we intent to enter. back to the top

    Provide targeted information
    Screw Mounting

  • no walls slots
  • no building rubble
  • quick mounting
  • simple attachment

  • Mounting plate for screwing
    Glue Mounting

  • Installation without drilling
  • no walls slots
  • no building rubble
  • quick mounting

  • Mounting plate to stick
    Stand Solution

  • mobil
  • no stumbling cable
  • ideal for museums, etc..
  • quick mounting

  • Stand Solution back to the top