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WizePanel Server

Our software interfaces to all major calendars including Excel, MS Exchange, and Google Calendar. With WizePanel, your booking data always transfers accurately.

When your current booking system and WizePanel server are connected, your software operates seamlessly.

Wireless Connection

The radio transmitter (dispatcher) sends the data to the sign.

Data is transmitted to the panel wirelessly with no need for cables and desired content appears on the sign within moments.


The desired content appears on the sign within a few moments, like magic.



WizePanel Quadro 200

Slim, sleek, modern - the new WizePanel Quadro offers full performance in a beautiful new design.
The square front panel can be individually customized to your preferred design format while adapting harmoniously to your environment: eye-catching - without distracting.


External dimensions with front: ~ 230 x 230 x 20 mm (W x H x D)
Electronically inscribable field: ~ 122.6 x 90.6 mm (W x H)
Weight: ~ 710 g (without batteries)

With a dot density of approx. 166dpi at 800 x 600 pixels, the monochrome 6 inch display can easily display text, graphics and even photos.
The housing with protection class IP20 is UV resistant and withstands temperatures from 0-40°.
Powered by 6 AA batteries, the WizePanel will last up to 20 years without battery replacement, depending on use!


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WizePanel Quadro 280

Brauchen Sie mehr Platz? Bei dieser Variante hat man sowohl auf der Frontplatte viel Platz, um das Logo Ihrer Firma oder sonstige wichtige Informationen darzustellen, als auch im Display.
Diese Größe ist perfekt für alle, die z.B.: Wochen- oder Tagespläne darstellen wollen.


External dimensions with front: ca. 280 x 280 x 22 mm (B x H x T)
Electronically inscribable field: ca. 202,3 x 138,9 mm (B x H)
Weight: ca. 2200g (ohne Batterien)

The high-resolution electronic Ink 9.7 inch display with a dot density of about 150ppi (at 1200x825 pixels), text graphics and even photos can be displayed.
Thanks to the latest Pearl technology with high contrast and a reading angle of 180°, the contents of the sign can be seen pin sharp even in the brightest environments.
The power supply with 10 x AA batteries keeps the door sign running for up to 20 years without changing the batteries, depending on its usage time!


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Would you prefer to display your content in color? WizeScreen offers the same user-friendly software as all WizePanel products. As a free-standing sign, display board, or even as a colored door sign, WizeScreen is an extremely attractive option wherever a hard-wired source of electricity is practical.

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Dispatcher G4

Our ultra-low power wireless radio system consists of an innovative propriety array of radio transmitters (dispatchers), each of which automatically establishes up to 255 radio signals, allowing the system to navigate architectural challenges such as long corridors or closed areas.

The actual number of possible radio signals per cell of course depends on the structural conditions. Accordingly, necessary radio transmitters are installed in your building in non-visible locations like false ceilings, etc.

One noteworthy advantage is the excellent range of the system within any type of building, as well as the option of installing remote antennas with long connection cables.
These increase effective range and facilitate inconspicuous deployment of the network.

Der neue Dispatcher G4 unterstützt 2,4 GHz WiFi und kommt mit einer externen Antenne.

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WizePanel Server

Our software creates a seamless interface with your booking system. Whether you use Excel, Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar, or any other booking software, the WizePanel can be accessed WITHOUT reconfiguring.

Set-up and creating creative screen designs requires few clicks.
Your IT specialist will easily install the software. Just set-up and go!

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