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Avoiding Disruptions

• Students and faculty members find effortlessly the right rooms
• Less stress for all concerned
• All information pertaining to the event is visible at a glance

Seminar and event rooms provide clear and complete information instantly in real time, making disruptions from wandering students a thing of the past.

Lecturers and audiences will be grateful!

Enhanced space utilization

WizePanel is transparent and highly visible

No more overbooked lecture halls and seminar rooms. Booking is simple, seamless, and allocation protocols are correctly followed.
Sudden booking discipline for all participants.

Unanticipated changes, updates, and transfers are quickly and easily communicated directly to the room.



a subject for you?

Braille, haptic letters and the ability to read aloud make orientation easier for blind and visually impaired students and teachers.

Individual design - according to your wishes and relevant specifications.


By cutting down on energy use and maintenance, WizePanel offers increased sustainability when compared to conventional TFT displays.


Fire Protection

Lack of hard-wiring precludes WizePanel as a potential source of fire.

WizePanel data remains unchanged even in the event of power or network failure.

University of Worcester

• Wireless, digital signage of lecture halls, seminar rooms, and group workspaces

• Provides integration within pre-existing spatial planning criteria
• Optimal cost-benefit ratio
• Attractive design
• Theft-proof installation

Complete success story

University of Applied Sciences Dortmund

• WizePanel 9.7 inch displays
• Radio dispatcher enabled
• WizePanel Studio and WizePanel Server Software
• Individual 4-day views

Complete success story

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