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At a glance

WizePanel provides a direct overview of the hospital room for doctors, nurses, staff, and visitors, providing a personalized experience.

Patients and visitors also love the more personal approach.

Expedited Rebooking

• Quickly assign rooms to new patients
• Situate patients easily and quickly
• Optimize room visits and avoid unnecessary confusion
• Save time and money

Reduced Cost

At the cost of 50 cents and more per minute of a caregiver, reduced trips and reduced confusion lead to reduced cost.

10 - 20 cent daily cost for digital space signage quickly pays for itself.

More time

• for patients
• for human interaction
• for higher priority tasks

Human contact and attention play a major role in healing.

Administrative processes rob doctors and nurses of valuable time leading to more errors and stress.

Information in the patient’s room facilitates orientation and can include treatment instructions and patient preferences.

Fire Protection

Lack of hard-wiring precludes WizePanel as a potential source of fire.

WizePanel data remains unchanged even in the event of power or network failure.

Children's Hospital Alder Hey

Wireless, digital signage of patient rooms

• Integration within pre-existing space and design
• Optimal cost-benefit ratio
• Attractive design
• Theft-proof installation

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